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WWViews on Biodiversity

On Saturday September 15th 2012, thousands of people around the world took part in a global event: “World Wide Views on Biodiversity”. The project engaged ordinary citizens in 25 countries in the process of policymaking and awareness raising to sustain a living and healthy planet. About hundred citizens in each participating country attended day-long meetings to learn about biodiversity issues, make up their minds about them, and express their views. The meetings started at dawn in the Pacific and continue until dusk in the Americas. All meetings had the same agenda and used the same approach in order to make results comparable and useful for policymakers gathered in October 2012 in India to discuss future policy measures for preserving biological diversity.

PROMETA (Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija)

PROMETA, is a Bolivian NGO created in 1990 by volunteers concerned about the process of environmental degradation in Bolivia. Today is a respected organization in the fields of environment and sustainable development.

We contribute to the conservation of Bolivia’s Ecoregions and Biodiversity, by researching, planning and/or managing sites: National Protected Areas, Departamental Protected Areas, Municipal Protected Areas, Civil Society Areas, Buffer Zones and Ecological Corridors, where we apply programs such as: Protected and recuperation, Compatible and Sustainable natural resource use, research, Environmental education, Environmental policy and legislation, Strengthening of local organizations, Valuation of environmental services, culture and development, Climate change adaptation and risk management.

Prometa’s work is based on a vision of a society without poverty that lives in harmony with nature. It is a vision reflected more and more in our world today; a call to abandon individualist tendencies and to defend the environment.

Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija
Street: Alejandro del Carpio between Junin and No. 659 O’connor
Phone / fax: (591) 4-6645865 / (591) 4-6633873
Box: No. 59
Tarija – Bolivia

Results from the meeting in Bolivia
Link to the results from the meeting in Bolivia
Citizen recruitment
Citizen recruitment was accomplished by sending invitations to three main organizations.Neighbourhood Committees Organizations (FEJUVES) for urban areas, and for rural regions we contact the two main indigenous organizations in Bolivia, CIDOB from low lands and CONAMAQ from high lands. These three organizations identified and selected suitable candidates for the consultation according to the parameters established for this consultation.
CIDOB = Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia
CONAMAQ = National Council of Qullasuyo Ayllus and Markas

The trip of the participating citizens in Bolivia to the WWViews meeting in Cochabamba
Some of them took a bus, and then flew; others took at least two or three buses, and some others by boats, buses and flights. Some people travelled for over three days to reach Cochabamba on time. And for others, who lived not too far from the main cities it was a one day trip.
Photos: A citizen from the highlands reading the question
A citizen from the high land giving his opinion
Diversity of Bolivian citizens
Citizens debating at the tables

Information Material for Citizens

World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Material for Citizens – English (The Danish Board of Technology, June 2012)

World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Material for Citizens – Español

World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Videos Informativos para los Ciudadanos – Español

1. Introducción a la biodiversidad, 2. Biodiversidad terrestre 3. Biodiversidad en el mar, 4. Responsabilidades y distribución de beneficios
World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Videos for the Citizens – English

1. Introduction to biodiversity, 2. Biodiversity on land, 3. Biodiversity in the sea, 4. Burden and Benefit Sharing