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WWViews on Biodiversity
On Saturday September 15th 2012, thousands of people around the world will take part in a global event: “World Wide Views on Biodiversity”. The project will engage ordinary citizens in as many countries as possible in the process of policymaking and awareness raising to sustain a living and healthy planet. At least a hundred citizens in each participating country will attend day-long meetings to learn about biodiversity issues, make up their minds about them, and express their views. The meetings will start at dawn in the Pacific and continue until dusk in the Americas. All meetings will have the same agenda and use the same approach in order to make results comparable and useful for policymakers gathering the following month in India to discuss future policy measures for preserving biological diversity.

WWViews on Biodiversity in Japan
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(Miraikan) is the national organisers of the WWViews day in Japan.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation(Miraikan)
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) is a new type of science museum that links people directly with the new wisdom of the 21st century.
At the heart of Miraikan’s activities is the cutting-edge science and technology. This is the “state-of-the-art knowledge and innovation” which Miraikan aims to share with the whole society as part of enriched human culture.

-Founding Principle
We believe that science and technology are part of our culture. We provide an open forum for all to ponder and discuss and future roles of science and technology.

-Miraikan’s aspiration
Miraikan aims to share the state-of-the-art knowledge and innovation with all who has natural curiosity and interest in science in order to achieve a society where everyone looks to the future guided by wisdom and understanding.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)

WWViews Venue
The citizen consultation on international biodiversity politics in Japan will take place on September 15th in Tokyo.

Past Results of the WWViews in Japan(Japanese only)


Results from the WWViews meeting in Japan
Link to the results from Japan

World Wide Views on Biodiversity in Japan - Tokyo 15th September 2012
Find more photos from the citizen meeting in Japan on Flickr
WWViews on Biodiversity

2012年9月15日、「World Wide Views(世界市民会議)」が世界数十カ国で同時開催されます。この会議の目的は、可能な限り市民が政策決定プロセスへ参画すること、そして、地球を健全に維持することの大切さを伝えること。各国の会場にそれぞれおよそ100人の市民が集まり、同じ日に、同じスケジュールで、同じメソッドを使ってディスカッションを実施します。当日は、まず生物多様性問題についての講義のあと、グループに分かれてディスカッションを重ね、最後に問題に対する市民の意思をまとめます。この会議は世界中で同じ日に行われ、日本を含む太平洋地域が先陣を切り、アメリカ大陸の国々が有終の美を飾ることになります。


WWViews on Biodiversity in Japan
生物多様性に関する世界市民会議 日本大会

2012年のWWViews in Japanは、日本科学未来館が運営します。



1. 科学を伝える――先端科学技術の情報発信と伝達手法の開発
2. 人材を育てる――科学コミュニケーターの育成
3. つながりをつくる――8つのネットワークの形成


WWViews in Japanは、2012年9月15日、東京都内で開催の予定です。


過去に行われたWWViews in Japanの結果はこちら
Information Material for Citizens

World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Material for Citizens – English (The Danish Board of Technology, June 2012)

World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Material for Citizens – Japanese / 日本語


World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Videos for the Citizens – Japanese / 日本語

1. 生物多様性とは – 日本語<, 2. 陸の生物多様性 - 日本語, 3. 海の生物多様性 - 日本語, 4. 負担と利益の分配 - 日本語   World Wide Views on Biodiversity – Information Videos for the Citizens – English

1. Introduction to biodiversity, 2. Biodiversity on land, 3. Biodiversity in the sea, 4. Burden and Benefit Sharing